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My letter to Catherine McCall (CEO EasyJet):

June 1, 2016                      

Carolyn McCall
Chief Executive
Hangar 89
London Luton Airport

Dear Carolyn,

Reference: Cancelled Flight Number EZ2369 London Luton- Lisbon, reference No. 110096034

Booking reference: ENTL1R5

Date of flight: August 1st, 2015

Departure airport: Luton Airport

Arrival airport: Lisbon Airport

Scheduled departure time of original flight: Saturday 1st August 16:55

Scheduled arrival time of original flight: Saturday 1st August 19:45


I am writing regarding a cancelled EasyJet flight.


My flight from Luton to Lisbon was cancelled on 01-08-15 due to staff shortage, according to Easyjet staff. Not 'extraordinary circumstances'. The passengers were called to the gate when there was already a message on the website saying the flight had been cancelled, and staff members later acknowledged that they knew the flight had been cancelled. The passengers were then turned away and asked to walk to the other side of the airport and forced to leave the premises. Entire families with children and bags, including me, my wife, and my baby daughter who was two at the time, wereput through this sad exercise, and were then left to linger at the airport without any help or advice.

No food or water were offered.

No help to book alternative accommodation was provided.

An alternative flight was offered four days later on August 4, 2016, but fortunately we were able to book a flight the following day with Fly Monarch, thus avoiding major disruption of our summer holidays.

My wife wrote a letter to Easyjet on August 28, 2016, requesting a reimbursement of the tickets for the flight your company failed to provide ( £ 423.97) .

According to REGULATION (EC) No 261/2004, Article 8, Paragraph 1 (a), Easyjet have a legal obligation to reimburse within seven days ‘the full cost of the ticket at the price at which it was bought, for the part or parts of the journey not made’.

It is now June 2016, ten months have passed, and we have not yet been reimbursed the price of the tickets we paid for the flight that you failed to provide.

We contacted your appalling customer service on several occasions. Each time we called our complaint was acknowledged, and reimbursement was promised (i.e. payment promised on 04-04-16 with reference 263183524, but payment was never made; payment promised again on 15-04-16, with reference number 100830213, but this payment was also not made).

Due to the lack of resolution to our complaint we filed a complaint with the Civil Aviation Authority on September 09, 2015, the results of which we are still waiting.

We have also filed a complaint with the Small Claims Court to try to recover the money we spent on Easyjet tickets for the flight that was not provided. This is progressing through the court after one of your lawyers replied that Easyjet intends to defend the claim. That will be an interesting day in court to see Easyjet explain to a judge how, through sheer mishandling of a simple complaint it ended up in court trying to avoid the reimbursement of a service it didn’t provide.

The irony of this situation is that our travel insurance policy covered the cost of a flight cancellation. We contacted Easyjet Customer Service again on 01-06-16 to request written confirmation that the next flight made available to us was on 04-08-16 so that the claim could be settled and could close this case. But shockingly your customer service representative , Ashia, wrote us an e-mail refusing to write such a letter, saying that we had in fact been offered a flight within 24 hours of the cancelled flight, which is a flagrant lie – your representatives in Luton could not find us a flight until 04-08-16.

I have not flown with Easyjet since this traumatising experience, and have met several other passengers who were badly let down by Easyjet’s customer service who will also avoid Easyjet in the future.

I besiege you to review the actions of the staff involved in handling our complaint and reimburse the money due. I hope our bad experience can be used to improve your service, although we will never fly with your company again.

If you choose to ignore this letter, as your customer service ignored others, we will patiently await the summons from the court and look forward to meeting one of your representatives there.

Yours sincerely

Pedro Subtil

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Thanks for sharing your complaint letter. Please let us know the outcome of the case.

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