WHY TRAVEL WITH easyjet?  


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08/06/2016 12:46 pm  

In May of 2016 I had cause to complain about this terrible Airline, since then I have not even thought of using them. As the year passed I met a lady in the train to London, who shared her bad experience. Like me she got nowhere, but promised to tell at least ten (10) persons a week about Easy Jet. I too have adopted this strategy and by word spread the need to other people to avoid this airline, It is working and slowly but slowly word is spreading and they are flying ay lower capacities than ever before. We now search the web and this year found British Airways met low cost fares to our European Cities, two actually lower than Easy Jet, plus no walking to the planes, climbing the stairs and putting up with their very poor service. BA provided coffee and snacks free and of course their staff are very well trained and professional.  WHY FLY THIS PATHETIC AIRLINE. Please share your bad experiences with at least ten persons a week, as they say" DONT GET MAD GET EVEN".

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Thanks for taking the time to share your story. It's one that we are hearing more and more about EasyJet.

Please keep spreading the word (and about our site!).


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